Thursday, 17 February 2011

New Directions

Hi folks

I thought it was time to reveal that Harper Collins and I have parted company after two novels together, The Reaper and The Disciple. I now have a new publisher, Headline, and a new novel entitled Deity set for release in July 2012. The reason for revealing this is because my third novel will not now be the final part of The Reaper trilogy for reasons partly beyond my control.

The final instalment of the trilogy is called The Resurrection and I began writing it after the release of The Disciple. However, although The Disciple got great reviews and did good business, it didn't hit the heights of The Reaper and in their wisdom, Harper Collins decided that they were not going to commission The Resurrection. Instead they wanted to skip straight to my 4th novel Deity, the synopsis of which they loved.

At this point, I was prepared to reject a new offer from HC and return to self publishing to finish the trilogy because in my opinion one of the reasons for The Disciple's performance was Harper's inability to republish The Reaper to stand alongside it. New readers were hardly likely to take a chance on a sequel to a book which was no longer available and this omission seemed to me to be unforgiveable.

Instead of self publishing however, Headline entered the fray, and impressed me greatly with their commitment to DI Brook as a character. Unfortunately, although enthusiastic about both Reaper and Disciple, they were unable to commision the third part of a trilogy when another publisher had control over the first two books. So, after much soul searching, I signed a 2 book deal with Headline for two new Inspector Brook novels, which will hopefully put the series on the map and allow me, eventually, to revisit the final episode of The Reaper trilogy. I hope you'll stick with me through his new cases and not lose faith that the trilogy will be completed at the earliest opporunity.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Breast Cancer Campaign

Thanks to all who attended last week's Breast Cancer Day at Makeney Hall Hotel near Belper. The day was a great success and people gave generously as well as sampling the different life enhancing treatments and body regimes available.

Nice to get out of the house and away from the computer occasionally. But back to the bread and butter. Deity, my next novel, is starting to shape up and I'm beginning to feel that same excitement (and terror) bubbling under as I did at the same stage with The Disciple. I'd say fingers crossed but I guess luck is nothing to do with it.